Minor Inquiries

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January 29th 15: Deportation of an 18 year old woman from Leipzig (more)

June 14th 16: Deportation of a women without her minor son from Grimma (more)

June 14th 16: Obstacles to Deportation due to Health Reasons (more)

June 24th 16: Family Separations due to Deportation (more)

July 11th 16: Assumingly illegal Deportation of a Family from Riesa in June 9th 2016 (more)

August 11th 16: Deportation of 15 Asylum Seekers in a Patient Transfer to Macedonia (more)

October 16th 16: Deportation to Kosovo at September 20th 2016 (more)

October 21st 16: Family Separations due to Deportations ever since June 2016 (more)

November 14th and 17th 16: Further questions regarding the Deportation to Kosovo on September 20th 16 (more)

November 18th 16: Use of Direct Force for the Enforcement of Deportation (more)

December 21st 16: Deportations to Kosovo at November 30th/ December 1st 2016 (more)

January 27th 17: Deportations from Saxony in the fourth quarter of 2016 (more)

February 13th 17: Deportations in special cases (more)

April 25th 17: 04.17: Consideration of Human Rights and Law during Deportations (more)
April 28th 17: Deportations from Saxony in the first quarter of 2017 (more)
April 28th 17: „Grenzübertrittsbescheinigungen“ and other documents which do not certify the suspension of deportation in contrast to §60a (4) Residence Law (more)
May 31st 17: Further questions on Drs. 6/9123: Deportations in Special Cases (more)
June 23rd, 17: Further questions on Drs. 6/3267 – Deportation of refugees that escaped from Afghanistan (more)