Kunlaboro – Counseling for refugees

The project „Kunlaboro“ covers the counseling for refugees in different life situations.
“Kunlaboro” is the follow-up project for “Atendi II”.

Our fields of activity:

  • mobile counseling in the rural districts of Saxony
  • development of a clearing procedure
  • coordination of the psychosocial network
  • coordination of and support for volunteers
  • empowerment of asylum seekers and refugees in Saxony
  • encouraging integration


Chemnitz and Dresden + mobile consulting

Target audience

  • asylum seekers and refugees
  • civil society
  • political actors and representatives of associations and civil society of municipalities, both on regional and national level

Consultation hours Dresden

Dammweg 4, 01097 Dresden

Tuesday: 10am – 4pm

Other appointments upon request.

Consultation hours Chemnitz

Henriettenstraße 5, 09112 Chemnitz

Tuesday: 2pm – 4pm
Thursday: 2pm – 4pm

Other appointments upon request.

Mobile consultation hours in Plauen

Gottschaldstraße 1a, 08523 Plauen

consultation time and date have changed!

Thursday: 12pm – 5pm

Our partners in
Erzgebirgskreis and in Chemnitz

Supporting us in the Kunlaboro project,  HELP e.V offers counseling for refugees in Erzgebirgskreis (district Erzgebirge). The office is located in Aue (Sachsen).
Click here to get to the external website for more information:

Verein HELP e.V.
Am Bahnhof 1
08280 Aue

AGIUA_Chemnitz-LogoIn Chemnitz, the Sächische Flüchtlingsrat is supported by AGIUA e.V. Migrationssozial- und Jugendarbeit. Counseling for refugees by AGIUA e.V. is mainly for people who live in the city of Chemnitz.
Click here to get to the external website for more information:

AGIUA e.V. Interkulturelles Beratungszentrum (IBZ)
Müllerstraße 12
09113 Chemnitz

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