Legal Tipps – At which point deportations are enforced and which steps might prevent them?


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In Germany, the federal states are responsible for enforcing deportations. Together with the state head office (Landesdirektion) the foreigners’ departments organize deportations under the supervision of the ministries of the interior. Though until the deportation is actually enforced, the agencies and offices have got to go a long way.

Preparation in the Asylum Procedure – The Interview (more)

After receiving the 'Bescheid' (more)

Further options to stay resulting out of Residence Law

It is recommended to consider options in the following order:

  1. File a complaint at administration court (responsible court is noted on Bescheid), if necessary, file another complaint at the higher administration court

  2. Check options resulting out of residence law

  3. Check if it is worth to file a subsequent request for asylum (see below)

  4. Check if it is worth to file a request for a hardship case at Hardship Commission (see below)

§25a Residence Law: Residence permit in the case of well integrated teenagers and young adults (more)

§25 (5) Residence Law (more)

§18a Residence Law: Residence for Qualified Foreigners

Subsequent Request for Asylum (more)

Request for Recognition as Hard Case at Hardship Commission (more)

§60a (1) 4 Residence Law: Letter of Tolerance for the Purpose of Vocational Training (more)

§60a Residence Law: Temporary Suspension of Deportation - Letter of Tolerance (more)

Letter of Tolerance due to Margin of Discretion acc. to §60a (2) 3 Residence Law (more)

Another option, but without any legal claim: §60a Abs. 1 Residence Law (more)

Residency for Rom*nja according to §60a Abs. 1 Residence Law (more)

Advice for medical certificates (more)

Church asylum (more)

If all options are tried and exhausted... (more)

Literature used (more)