World refugee day: What it takes to seek refuge

Ali Ahmad Wali Zada (31) lives in Chemnitz, Germany and is a trained web engineer, volunteer translator and author. He was born in Herat, Afghanistan and lost both legs to a landmine during the war. Instead of despairing, he started to work all the more energetically for his success in school and university. His life as a refugee is nevertheless a permanent ordeal, partly because he still has no secure residence in Germany. In this text, he lets the reader share his innermost thoughts and describes the crushing burden of a life in residency limbo.

Seven months of Taliban-Government: “Please do not forget about Afghanistan!”

Mujibullah Parwani, worked in Afghanistan for almost six years for the EU mission – EUPOL (European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan). He was the staff coordinator and active in the political relations between the German Consulate General and local representatives in northern Afghanistan. As a political consultant and translator, he had contact with local politicians and the press. Today he lives with his family in Chemnitz and wants to give the people in Germany a realistic picture of the state of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan – recent information

++ Last Update: 22.09.2021

Hier finden Sie eine Sammlung von Informationen über rechtliche Situation Geflüchteter Afghan*innen in Deutschland, Evakuierungen aus Afghanistan und die Petition für ein Landesaufnahmeprogramm für Sachsen.

Here you will find a collection of information about legal situation of Afghan refugees in Germany, possibilities of evacuation from Afghanistan and a petition for reception programme in Saxony.

“We are simply tired of war” – On the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power

Only last week, the German government had decided to stop deportations to the country – this turns out to be too late! Because yesterday the Taliban took over the government in Kabul – a fundamentalist dictatorship is threatening, which is already claiming its first victims. People fleeing in panic must be evacuated as quickly as possible, as this is starting with the local forces, and Saxony must create a right of abode for rejected Afghans

Mehrsprachige Hinweise Corona / Aufruf zum Organisieren in den Lagern / Multilingual information on Corona / Call for Organizing in the Camps!

Bitte lesen! / Please read!

UPDATE VOM 1. April 2020: Infos zu den Ausländer- und Sozialbehörden, ihrer Erreichbarkeit, Aushändigung von Behandlungsscheinen, Verlängerung von Dokumenten, Auszahlung von Sozialleistungen // UPDATE APRIL 1st 2020: Information on the Foreigners’ and Social Departments, how to reach them, info on medical certificates, extension of documents, payment of social benefits