Behind the Syrians sufferings 

Why Syrians still seek refuge? The world is facing an immense human-induced crisis. After World War II, just with in the last three decades, planet-earth has hosted  horrific human suffering from Iraq to Ukraine war, Afghanistan to Syrian hybrid war, Somalia to Yemen crisis, Congo to Ethiopian civil war. Among these human suffering, the Syrian war is one of the deadliest in recent world history. 12 years ago, the destructive and tragic war began in the country following the protests against President Assad’s regime in March 2011, but suddenly it completely changed into a hybrid war, when the Syrian government

Tomorrow’s deportation to Pakistan concerns rights group

The Federal and Saxony authorities have planned to deport refugees to Pakistan from Berlin tomorrow according to informations from No Border Assembly. Saxony Refugee Council and other rights groups have showing their concern over the planned deportation mentioning it violates peoples’ right to seek international protection from persecution.    Sources have indicated that there are a number of Pakistanis were arrested last week in Saxony. ‘’There is a government backed structural persecution on religious minorities, huge humanitarian crisis due to the 2022’s devastating flood, and the border with Afghanistan remain Taliban strongholds’’, Said Dave Schimdtke, SFR. According to OCHA, the

One week after August 31: Deportation threatens so-called “third-country nationals” from Ukraine

August 31 was exactly one week ago. While this date has no significance for many, it is of great importance for those of us who are fleeing the conflict in Ukraine from third countries. We are about 29,000 people nationwide and have spent months settling in, trying to find solutions to our stay. Because we are not welcome as students* and workers* from Ukraine, we hear that different laws now apply to us “third country nationals.” They say that people who do not have a fictitious certificate and who are not yet registered are suddenly illegal in Germany. We could even be deported.

World refugee day: What it takes to seek refuge

Ali Ahmad Wali Zada (31) lives in Chemnitz, Germany and is a trained web engineer, volunteer translator and author. He was born in Herat, Afghanistan and lost both legs to a landmine during the war. Instead of despairing, he started to work all the more energetically for his success in school and university. His life as a refugee is nevertheless a permanent ordeal, partly because he still has no secure residence in Germany. In this text, he lets the reader share his innermost thoughts and describes the crushing burden of a life in residency limbo.

Seven months of Taliban-Government: “Please do not forget about Afghanistan!”

Mujibullah Parwani, worked in Afghanistan for almost six years for the EU mission – EUPOL (European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan). He was the staff coordinator and active in the political relations between the German Consulate General and local representatives in northern Afghanistan. As a political consultant and translator, he had contact with local politicians and the press. Today he lives with his family in Chemnitz and wants to give the people in Germany a realistic picture of the state of Afghanistan.