Pirna: Counseling for refugees

We are now offering mobile counseling for refugees in Pirna, located at the office of AG Asylsuchende e.V. in Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, Lange Straße 38a (Internationales Begegnunszentrum).

Open from 1 pm to 4 pm on the following dates:
2. August 2018, 6. September 2018, 04. Oktober 2018, 01. November 2018, 06. December 2018

Rally in front of SLT on January 31st – No Deportations to Afghanistan!

Deportations to Afghanistan? Not with us! 1,674 people signed a petition, addressed to Saxon state government. On January 31st we will hand over the petition in Saxon State Parliament. It is obvious, that the people who are deported find themselves in a country that is definitely not safe. Only because of the incitement of a few, shouting on the streets and in parliament, democracy, human rights and the right to seek and receive protection are questioned. Those suffer, who did nothing else than escaping. It’s a joke that only those are supposed to be affected, who committed a criminal offence,

Press Release by Zendegi: This deportation is ignorant, it’s murderous!

Deportation to Afghanistan from Leipzig at October 24th Approximately 120 people demonstrated at Leipzig / Halle airport this morning against deportations to Afghanistan. It is murderous when people are consciously deported to a war zone. The demonstration was preceded by a protest camp on Augustusplatz, Leipzig, lasting for four days. A monitoring of all deportations at Leipzig / Halle aiport is urgently needed. According to dpa, the flight will depart in the evening hours.

Forward of the Press Release of Zendegi – No Deportations to Afghanistan: Call for Protest Camp

We, Zendegi, call for joining our protest camp on Augustusplatz, Leipzig, from October 21st till 24th. We protest against the deportation to Afghanistan on October 24th from Leipzig/ Halle airport. We call upon the citizens of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and everywhere else in the Federal Republic, to support us, the Non-Citizens, who live here in Germany.