Press Release by Zendegi: This deportation is ignorant, it’s murderous!

Deportation to Afghanistan from Leipzig at October 24th

Approximately 120 people demonstrated at Leipzig / Halle airport this morning against deportations to Afghanistan. It is murderous when people are consciously deported to a war zone. The demonstration was preceded by a protest camp on Augustusplatz, Leipzig, lasting for four days. A monitoring of all deportations at Leipzig / Halle aiport is urgently needed. According to dpa, the flight will depart in the evening hours.

“The deportation to Afghanistan that is enforced today cannot be tolerated in any way. It neglects the realities in Afghanistan and exemplifies the ignorance towards the own, German policies in the last 16 years.” says Aram Karzai for the refugee organization Zendegi. Approximately 120 people expressed that view at Leipzig airport today. The demonstration was preceded by a four day long protest camp. Non-Citizens came into dialogue with citizens. Additionally, legal advice was offered.

Statements on the Deportation

Alireza Alizadeh spoke for Zendegi: “The war has been haunting Afghanistan for 40 years now. Deep scars exist already and again and again, new wounds are stroke.” comments Alizadeh. The bloody series of attacks of the previous days shows that traumatization of Afghan society continues. People are deported to a country that is governed by different, militiating powers. Claiming Afghanistan to be a safe country because Bundeswehr has been stationed there is cynical. “The military combat has lasted ever since 2001 and has not stabilized the country. The complete opposite needs to be stated today.” says Alizadeh.

Leipzig / Halle airport ranks fifth among German deportation airports in the year of 2016. “More than 2,100 people were deported from here in the previous year – almost unnoticed by the public.” says Kim Cramer for Action Network Protest LEJ. The airport suits for that cause since passenger traffic is relatively low compared to the traffic of goods. An independent monitoring of all deportations at Leipzig / Halle airport is thereby urgently needed. Furthermore, the airport played an important role in the Afghanistan mission. Until January 2009, 450,000 US-American soldiers crossed the airport on their way to the Middle East.

“It is shabby whenever people are deported to war zones out of allegedly power strategic reasons.” claims Juliane Nagel for The Left. Though, a strategy cannot be recognized – those who want to shape their profile towards the right-wing edge do not profit. Nobody needs to be pushed by a party that dismantled itself and unhinge moral standards by it. “The coalition that forms itself now has a clear job: stop deportations to Afghanistan, make possible a life in dignity for those who have arrived and are arriving and fulfill the Federal Republic’s obligation towards Afghanistan.” says Nagel.

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