public relations

We criticize!
Our public relations work always puts its finger on the wound and, thanks to funding from foundations, has so far always been able to be a critical voice for the rights of refugees in Saxony independently of government agencies.

We can do press work!
Our work is characterized by a high degree of professionalism, which allows us to regularly convey information about the situation of refugees to the press. We have built up an extensive distribution list of journalists who are informed by press releases about current developments in the field of asylum & migration in Saxony. Our information appears regularly in regional, sometimes even nationwide media. We also regularly arrange interviews with people seeking protection for reporters.

We network!
Since 2016, we have built up a comprehensive network of actors in the field of asylum and flight throughout Saxony. We are closely integrated into the network structures of the State Refugee Council and Pro Asyl, the Federal Association of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees (BumF), migrant self-organizations such as Welcome United, civil society actors and alliances such as Seebrücke and unteilbar.

We inform!
With our bi-weekly newsletter on current topics in the field of asylum and migration, we inform our circle of interested parties. We are also present in social media: we have built a nationwide reach on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We also publish the Querfeld magazine annually. We also offer workshops and training courses on public relations and social media.

We have expertise!
… in the topics of deportations, detention pending deportation, asylum and residence law, asylum seeker benefits law, administrative practices of the foreigners authorities, access to work and education, housing and camps, health care and suicides, police crime statistics, precarization, participation and voting rights, right-wing radicalism. This will enable us to critically evaluate legislative processes such as the Deportation Detention Act or, in the future, the Integration and Participation Act, and to accompany them with publicity!

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