The artist Nino Khundadze on her workshop “School for Everyone”

14. April, 2017 | 11:29

Art is everywhere and in everything. It is part of our everyday life and it speaks a language we all understand. Art has no beginning or end, there is no such thing as a border letting you say art starts here: after this line, in this frame, on that canvas, on that paper, in that photo…

Everything around is art, but somehow, many people miss it, that’s where we, who notice, called artists, start to colour, paint, draw and document things, so it becomes more noticeable, to stop you and help you to see.

This is all what this workshop is going to be about. We will take usual, random pieces of rock, gathered in the street, paint them our way, using acrylic colours and technics that I will show you, place our artprint, then using wire that we will use to connect everyone’s art pieces and transform it into one whole piece.

As the theme for contest is a school of future, without borders, we together will give shape to this wonderful idea.

Think about it, school is not about books and studying only, it is more about communication and sharing, growing together and helping each other… And we by sharing our time and uniting our abilities can give shape to “that idea of school”. A shape that can show the observer that just from random rocks and wire, something beautiful and meaningful can be made of just by taking time to communicate… Doing so, a simple message can be passed that even a rock or anything, that comes on your way, can be transformed into something nice and can brighten up someone’s grey day and help understand. That each and every one of us, each and every thing that exists, is a beautiful piece of art in a huge mosaic, in a great art work…

The workshop will take place on May 27th in Stadtmuseum Dresden in the room of the museum educators. All participants of the drawing competition School for Everyone may join!

+++ Demonstration “Stop Deportations to Afghanistan” in Leipzig on Saturday, 25th of March, 2pm+++

24. March, 2017 | 7:15

—Press Release of Afghan Refugees from Leipzig—

Stoppt Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan“ is a self-organized demonstration by Afghan migrants and refugees against the deal between Germany and Afghanistan to send back Afghans and against the deportations to Afghanistan. It will take place Saturday, 25/03/2017 at 2 pm at Willy-Brandt-Platz, Leipzig.

“We are against these deportations and the deal between Germany and Afghanistan which make these deportations even much easier.” said Farhad one of the organizers. “You cannot find any place in Afghanistan and say this place is safe from Taliban, IS devotees, the U.S and Nato’s armies, air strikes and military drones or suicide attacks.” he continued.

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Drawing Competition has started! – School for Everyone!

11. March, 2017 | 13:59

Today our drawing competition as part of the campaign “School for everyone” started. How could a school look like where borders do not play a role anymore? Many kids and teenagers do not have a chance to attend school in Germany. They live in the so-called “first-reception-centers” and lose a lot of time just by waiting and feeling bored until the authorities decide on their destiny. They are refused from attending school. The only reason why they have to live in the reception centers and do not have to go to school: they are from the “wrong” country. Even though they and their parents had good reasons to escape their states are labeled as safe. But this is not so easy to say. At least their parents’ requests for asylum should be fairly checked and decided upon. Though this is just not happening. As a result they stay in the reception centers and often just wait for the police to come and deport them to their countries of origin. This is their future and in future, borders play a huge role. 256 kids and teenagers wait in such first reception centers. 134 of them have been staying there for even longer than three months.

We ask you how a school could look like in which all kids can dream of a future where they can do what they want to. How could a school look like where it does not matter where somebody comes from – a school without borders? What should change, which subjects should be taught and how are they organized? Are school classes from first to fourth grade and from fifth to tenth still a good idea if people are coming and going continually? Are school books still needed when there are so many different languages and internet is existent at schools? How could understanding work when there are so many different languages? Does nowadays education not only mean to know but maybe to understand too? More information about the drawing competition of DGB Youth Saxony, GEW Saxony here.

Information on the whole campaign “School for Everyone”:





Press Release: Right to Move and Right to Stay instead of Relentless Hardness

15. February, 2017 | 7:42

State Government publishes numbers on deportations of 2016

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On the occassion of the published numbers on deportations of 2016 by the Ministry of the Interior, Saxon Refugee Council starts with a dossier in German and English on its website. 20 family separations in 2016 compared to four separations in 2015 show how coarsely Saxony deports people. The critical and public supervision of Saxon deportation practice is our objective.


3.377 people were deported by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior in 2016. In comparision with 2015 the number has doubled. In 2016, Saxon Refugee Council and other NGOs were forced to document the violation of one human right after the other, following the relentless pace of the foreigners’ departments.

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About us

15. July, 2016 | 15:38

Since 1991, the Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e. V. is engaged for the protection of displaced people and for humane living conditions in Saxony. It takes sides for the legitimate interests of refugees and safeguards the public control in the realization of the asylum procedure law and the asylum seekers act in Saxony. Further fields of work are the documentation and the publication of human rights violations in this area.

The Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e. V. offers informational material about the recent development in asylum policy, has an advisory function and refers to the informational service of PRO ASYL and other nationwide refugee councils. It initiates and accompanies the cooperation with other groups for local, regional and national activities.

The association’s memorandum was adopted the 28th February 1995 (Foundation date: 14th September 1991).
You can become a supporting member of our association. The minimum amount per year is 24,00 Euro. You can get further information (in German) in the contribution rules.

Please fill in the declaration of membership and send it to:

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