Save Me Chemnitz

The Save Me Chemnitz project is committed to a sustainable cooperation between refugees and locals on an equal footing. It arranges sponsorships between refugees and Chemnitz residents in order to create encounters and support the process of arrival and integration of refugees in Chemnitz. Integration is a long-term process in which voluntary support is important not only at the beginning, i.e. when welcoming the refugees, but also in the long term when they arrive and settle into the local society. The project relies on volunteers who work directly with refugees as sponsors, support them and in this way act as companions in everyday life.

Save Me campaign

The Name ”Save Me” refers to the ”Save Me Kampagne”, which began in 2008, with the objective to establish the reception of refugees in Germany via the resettlement program of the UNHCR. Until 2014, Germany agreed to receive 300 refugees per year and from year 2015 500 refugees per year via this program. In January 2013, Chemnitz agreed to the resettlement program by a city council resolution. With this, the city admitted the reception of asylum seekers beyond the obligatory admission quota and for the particular support of the integration of refugees.


Would you like to get to know people from other cultures? Can you imagine visiting a person or family regularly, showing them around the city and/or learning German together? Become active!

The sponsorships bring together new arrivals and native Chemnitzers and enable mutual exchange. A sponsorship can be designed individually, for example, help with learning German, joint leisure activities or accompaniment to authorities and advice centres. The sponsors themselves determine the amount of time they spend together. As a sponsor, you can be a support for refugees in finding their way in a new environment and culture, in arriving and feeling comfortable and welcome.

Save Me Chemnitz is open to all refugees – regardless of whether they are still in the asylum process, have completed it or are part of the resettlement programme.

Would you like to help shape a solidary and cosmopolitan Chemnitz? Then make an appointment to talk to us.

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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the sponsorship project Save Me Chemnitz, the volunteers, some of whom have been active for many years, were given the opportunity to report on their experiences as people involved in the field of flight and migration. The result is a brochure that gives an insight into the history of the sponsorship project, the requirements, the process of a placement and tasks within the framework of this honorary office (FAQ) as well as different types of sponsorships as support for refugees at Save Me Chemnitz.

Note: In this online version of the brochure, the photos showing the volunteers and the people they accompany are blurred due to missing rights.

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Das Projekt Save Me Chemnitz wird durch die Stadt Chemnitz und den Lokalen Aktionsplan für Demokratie, Toleranz und für ein weltoffenes Chemnitz der Stadt Chemnitz im Rahmen des Bundesprogrammes Demokratie Leben gefördert. Die Patenschaften werden außerdem aus Mitteln des Sächsischen Staatsministeriums für Soziales und Gesellschaftslichen Zusammenhalt im Rahmen des Förderprogrammes „Wir für Sachsen“ gefördert.

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