Save Me Chemnitz

Founded in 2011, the initiative Save Me Chemnitz aims to ameliorate the public perception and the life conditions of asylum seekers in Chemnitz. In addition, it strengthens the exchange between asylum seekers and citizens of Chemnitz.

Save Me campaign

The Name ”Save Me” refers to the ”Save Me Kampagne”, which began in 2008, with the objective to establish the reception of refugees in Germany via the resettlement program of the UNHCR. Until 2014, Germany agreed to receive 300 refugees per year and from year 2015 500 refugees per year via this program. In January 2013, Chemnitz agreed to the resettlement program by a city council resolution. With this, the city admitted the reception of asylum seekers beyond the obligatory admission quota and for the particular support of the integration of refugees.


The heart of Save Me Chemnitz is the project for companion ship, which started in 2013. The project ”Save Me” was hold by the Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat and supported by the city of Chemnitz.

Refugees get in contact and exchange with citizens of Chemnitz, which help them with their new situation. The program is open to all refugees – whether they are in their asylum procedure, or they finished their procedure, or whether they belong to the resettlement program. At the moment, more than 60 companions are actively engaged for refugees in Chemnitz and accompany and support them in their daily life. The partnership is individual and depends on the need of the refugees. For instance it concerns the company to authorities, help in German or the organization of free time activities.

Bicycle repair shop

In the Save Me Chemnitz program many volunteers, from student to senior, participate actively, inform about issues of asylum policy and reinforce the integration of refugees in society. That gives the possibility to organize informing events about the issues of flight and asylum as well as the initiation of actions like “Save me macht mobil”, where bicycles for refugees are collected.

If you are interested to work within the project or to participate to the sponsorship program, you can contact us. You can get more information on the homepage of the „Save Me Kampagne“ or on Facebook.

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Das Projekt Save Me Chemnitz wird durch die Stadt Chemnitz und den Lokalen Aktionsplan für Demokratie, Toleranz und für ein weltoffenes Chemnitz der Stadt Chemnitz im Rahmen des Bundesprogrammes Demokratie Leben sowie die Heidehof Stiftung gefördert. Die Patenschaften werden außerdem aus Mitteln des Sächsischen Staatsministeriums für Soziales und Gesellschaftslichen Zusammenhalt im Rahmen des Förderprogrammes „Wir für Sachsen“ gefördert.

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