Projekt EDA

Empowerment, Digitalization, and Labor Market Integration for migrant Women

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If you have come to Germany as a migrant woman and have questions about labor market integration or need support with digitalization, the “EDA – Empowerment, Digitalization, and Labor Market Integration for Migrant Women” project offers you comprehensive advice and assistance.

The goal of the “EDA” project is to empower migrant women through targeted empowerment measures and support their integration into the German labor market. In addition to questions about labor market integration, the counseling covers topics related to digitalization to facilitate participants’ handling of digital technologies and improve their employment prospects.

Through targeted information dissemination, training, and workshops, we aim to empower migrant women to act independently and autonomously in the German labor market. We take into account the individual needs and potentials of each participant to develop tailored solutions.

Digitalization plays an increasingly important role in our society and economy. Therefore, we place a special focus on imparting digital competencies to participants to enhance their employability and facilitate access to modern workplaces.

We are committed to helping migrant women unleash their potential and successfully integrate into the German labor market. Through the “EDA” project, we aim to bring about a positive change in the participants’ life situations and contribute to an inclusive and diverse society.

If you are a migrant woman interested in our counseling and support or need more information, we are here to serve as a point of contact. Together, we can help you achieve your personal goals and guide you on the path to successful labor market integration.


1. Mobile Counseling

Our “EDA” project offers mobile counseling, allowing migrant women to receive individual support directly at their place of residence. We are happy to come to you to provide counseling and assistance in your familiar environment.

2. Social Learning: Workshops, Seminars, Information Sessions

In our diverse range of offerings for social learning, we provide:

  • Orientation and Information Dissemination: We support you in navigating your new environment and provide essential information about integration and labor market integration.
  • Provision of Training and Learning Strategies for Developing Employment-Related Perspectives: We offer targeted training and learning strategies to help you develop your professional perspectives and enhance your chances in the labor market.
  • Digital Empowerment I: In this offering, we strengthen your digital competencies and promote your independence in handling digital technologies.

3. Activation Measures:

Our activation measures are designed to prepare you optimally for the labor market. These include:

  • Labor Market-Oriented Learning: We impart practical knowledge and skills necessary for successful labor market integration.
  • Getting to Know Relevant Training Companies and Educational Institutions: We assist you in discovering suitable training companies and educational institutions to actively shape your professional future.
  • “Peer to Peer” Learning: Exchange of experiences with other participants provides valuable mutual support and motivation.

4. Skill Training

In our skill training sessions, we offer targeted training and courses to further develop your competencies. These include:

  • Digital Empowerment II: We deepen your digital skills and support you in further strengthening your digital independence.
  • Communication Training: We enhance your communication skills to facilitate interaction in both your professional and personal environments.

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