The artist Nino Khundadze on her workshop “School for Everyone”

Art is everywhere and in everything. It is part of our everyday life and it speaks a language we all understand. Art has no beginning or end, there is no such thing as a border letting you say art starts here: after this line, in this frame, on that canvas, on that paper, in that photo…

Everything around is art, but somehow, many people miss it, that’s where we, who notice, called artists, start to colour, paint, draw and document things, so it becomes more noticeable, to stop you and help you to see.

This is all what this workshop is going to be about. We will take usual, random pieces of rock, gathered in the street, paint them our way, using acrylic colours and technics that I will show you, place our artprint, then using wire that we will use to connect everyone’s art pieces and transform it into one whole piece.

As the theme for contest is a school of future, without borders, we together will give shape to this wonderful idea.

Think about it, school is not about books and studying only, it is more about communication and sharing, growing together and helping each other… And we by sharing our time and uniting our abilities can give shape to “that idea of school”. A shape that can show the observer that just from random rocks and wire, something beautiful and meaningful can be made of just by taking time to communicate… Doing so, a simple message can be passed that even a rock or anything, that comes on your way, can be transformed into something nice and can brighten up someone’s grey day and help understand. That each and every one of us, each and every thing that exists, is a beautiful piece of art in a huge mosaic, in a great art work…

The workshop will take place on May 27th in Stadtmuseum Dresden in the room of the museum educators. All participants of the drawing competition School for Everyone may join!
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