Labor Market Mentors for Refugees

Content-related counseling support for the pilot program

Participation in the labour market is an essential part of comprehensive integration into society. Education and work can help build self-consciousness and appreciation and lead to a more self-determined life through financial independence and can foster the perspective to stay.

The labor market mentor’s main goal is to lead refugees into the primary labor market. The goal is to help place these people comprehensively into work and job training through 14 projects in the three district-free cities and throughout all the districts in Saxony. Refugees without any school diploma or vocational training are helped to be sent into job training or into getting graduate-relevant qualifications while others, with a completed vocational training or higher education, will be supported to get a job, subject to social insurance contributions and according to their qualification. Another goal is the counseling of employers and to raise their awareness towards the employment of refugees and their integration into the company-specific process.

Having started on 1. November 2016, the content-related support project is a sub-project of the Saxonian Refugee Council (Sächsischer Flüctlingsrat e.V.). The aim of the programme’s support project is to help the labour market mentors in cases regarding asylum law, labour market entry and qualification programs. Additionally, the project is going to scientifically evaluate gathered knowledge and experiences throughout working with individual cases and all of the involved agents. Hereby, the aim is to identify weak-spots, to gather best-practice examples and to help adjust structural regulations and assistance.

By comprehensively integrating refugees into the primary labor market, we commit to equal chances in terms of education, work and participation in the society for all refugees, independent of the person’s residence status or their duration of stay.


Content-related counseling support for the pilot program: “Labor Market Mentors for Refugees“
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The “Labor Market Mentors for Refugees“ -program and it’s content-related counseling support are funded within the scope of the “Richtlinie zur Förderung von Projekten der Fachkräftesicherung vom Sächsischen Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr (SMWA)”.


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