You are looking for advice concerning the asylum procedure?
Contact our colleaques of the Kunlaboro project in Chemnitz and Dresden.

For questions on Refugee Social Work…
…our colleaques in Chemnitz might help. Information here.

Are you researching on an article or do you need a quote? Or do you have hints on deportations or other abuses in Saxony?
On these questions, our public relations department, Reto project, in Dresden is the right contact.

Which options do refugees have to get into labour and education?
RESQUE continued project informs and gives advice in Chemnitz and Dresden.

When it comes to the recognition of foreign degrees and professional integration…
…you are right at IBAS project in Chemnitz.
…we also offer Qualification companions for migrants in Chemnitz.

Do you want to volunteer for refugees in Chemnitz?
Then get in touch with Save Me Project.

Further projects:

Content-related counseling support for the pilot program “labor market mentors for refugees”

Member in Saxon Commission on Hardship Cases

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