Cancellation of SummerDream Open Air in Chemnitz on Saturday, September 1st 2018

Cancellation of SummerDream Open Air in Chemnitz on Saturday, September 1st 2018

We regret that our SummerDream Open Air won’t happen on Saturday. Due to the recent pogrom-like riots in the city of Chemnitz, we as the organizers toger with Haus Arthur are not able to ensure security for all visitors. On Saturday, September 1st, again right-wing rallies are registered already. We do not want to have a summer party at the cost of third parties. But if refugees, migrants and people who think differently are hunted on the streets and the State of Saxony forfeits its monopoly on the use of force and hands it over to Nazis, then we cannot guarantee for a peaceful and safe family party.

We highly regret this decision, still, we want to point out that his is not a capitulation in the face of the Nazi mob. The pictures and events of Sunday, August 26th, are hard to endure for people seeking protection. They also left their marks on the staff of the refugee council.

One cannot speak of a normal situation. We hope that the people in political offices recognize the seriousness of the situation. The state of law applies to all people who live here. It’s time to enforce it.

We won’t bury our head in the sand though. We call ipon everyone who is not prepared to simply accept those conditions to participate in the Anti-Racis protest or to make a mark for a tolerant Chemnitz at the district festival “Brühl”. CORRECTION: The district festival has been cancelled as well!

P.S.: Bündnis Chemnitz Nazifrei announced to publish more information on the planned counter protest until 12 noon, today. Please keep yourself updated on the relevant channels.

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