// ACT – Counseling for refugees

Please note:
Our “ACT” -project has been terminated by the end of 2023. Please understand that we are currently available only to a very limited extent and that we can only offer personal consultation appointments in very few cases. Thank you very much.

Through the “ACT” project, we offered comprehensive counseling on asylum, prospects, and integration for refugees and their main and volunteer supporters. We  answered your questions about the asylum procedure, your rights and responsibilities, as well as provided support with residence permits after the procedure, such as securing long-term stay or exploring other viable options. Our goal was to empower refugees to navigate the complex German administrative system independently. Additionally, the “ACT” project actively engaged with local and regional platforms to ensure that we provided the best information to those seeking advice in their specific areas.

Sites and consultation hours

Due to the end of the project lifetime, we are currently not available. Thank you for your understanding.

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