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Banner langApproach the newly arrived in your village or town, join a local initiative you like, support wherever support is needed. Especially in the asylum procedure, assistance is needed to prevent deportations in the future. Translating “Bescheide”, having an eye on time limits, contacting counseling centers, preparing BAMF-interviews, getting informed and educating oneself further – here, step by step competence and networks can be created. We provide legal advice here.

Whenever you hear something about deportations in your commune, start asking question, try to figure out if people who perhaps remained in Germany need further support but accept lines too. Turn to public relations of Saxon Refugee Council so Saxon deportation practice might be criticized as a whole.

Stay informed about deportations in Saxony. A various numbers of initiatives and NGOs are on Facebook or publish newsletters as Saxon Refugee Council does.

Go demonstrating, speak up against deportations among friends and family, spread information material, write readers’ letters etc. Contact local authorities, write to your local member of state or federal parliament, organize and create pressure on him*her to position him*herself against Saxon deportation practice.

Get in contact with the church communities of your village or city and make them aware of Saxon deportation practice. Christian representatives might be allies to end this deportation practice in CDU-dominated Saxony.

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