Dossier on Deportation – Update

Until now the PDF version of our dossier against deportation was not really what you would call appealing. At least we tried to change that now and updated also the content. Minor inquiries in parliament, our press releases as well as new developments such as the passed custody for the purpose of deportation or the practice of alternative documents replacing the Duldung are to be found in there now. At the end of the dossier you will find a list of all the relevant links for legal advice that appear throughout the dossier. We explicitly want to point out the

Press Release: Protest against Detention of People seeking Protection in Saxony

On Wednesday Saxon Parliament decides on Law regulating Custody The planned custody for the purpose of deportation appalls a great number of civil society. The consequences of detention and custody for the people affected are widely and well known. The supporters of the call for protest want to demonstrate against the expected approval of the law in front of State Parliament, next Wednesday, 12pm. Even though coalition readjusted the bill, many aspects of the law remain critical and unexplained.

A “better custody” won’t make human rights violations any better!

On May 17th, Saxon Parliament will decide upon the Law on the Enforcement of Custody for the Purpose of Deportation. The coalition of CDU and SPD proposed a change of law, trying to make custody “better” (Drs. 6/6352). Some demands of our appeal, that we published with many other signatories, are included. Almost all critical points of Jesuiten-Flüchtlingsdienst are not to be found (statement here, provided for publication). Because of that and out of the following reasons we and others call for protest in front of Saxon State Parliament on May 17th. Sent ahead: Custody and detention of people who

Support PRO ASYL’s petition addressing the Members of German Bundestag!

Families need to be together. Refugees should not be separated from their relatives for years! Yesterday, the Great Coalition postponed the opposition’s request regarding the reimplementastion of family reunification for beneficiaries of subsidiarian protection. The governing factions do not even want to bother with the issue. PRO ASYL at the same time started a petition that demands the reimplementation of family reunification. PRO ASYL’s petition can be signed here.  

The artist Nino Khundadze on her workshop “School for Everyone”

Art is everywhere and in everything. It is part of our everyday life and it speaks a language we all understand. Art has no beginning or end, there is no such thing as a border letting you say art starts here: after this line, in this frame, on that canvas, on that paper, in that photo… Everything around is art, but somehow, many people miss it, that’s where we, who notice, called artists, start to colour, paint, draw and document things, so it becomes more noticeable, to stop you and help you to see. This is all what this workshop

+++ Demonstration “Stop Deportations to Afghanistan” in Leipzig on Saturday, 25th of March, 2pm+++

—Press Release of Afghan Refugees from Leipzig— Stoppt Abschiebungen nach Afghanistan“ is a self-organized demonstration by Afghan migrants and refugees against the deal between Germany and Afghanistan to send back Afghans and against the deportations to Afghanistan. It will take place Saturday, 25/03/2017 at 2 pm at Willy-Brandt-Platz, Leipzig. “We are against these deportations and the deal between Germany and Afghanistan which make these deportations even much easier.” said Farhad one of the organizers. “You cannot find any place in Afghanistan and say this place is safe from Taliban, IS devotees, the U.S and Nato’s armies, air strikes and military drones