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Over the course of 2016, Saxon Refugee Council published a couple of press releases regarding Saxon deportation practice.

Mai/June 16: Press Releases regarding the separation of the Bekir/ Kamberovikj family

Three press releases were published by us in May and in the beginning of June after Azbije Kamberovikj and her three youngest kids were deported and their family separated. The first press release dealed with the deportation itself. In the following one we criticized the adminstration court of Dresden that had rejected an emergeny appeal within 24 hours and thereby could not carry out a comprehensive, content-related evaluation. In the third one we dealt with a thoughtless statement of Markus Ulbig (“The people know that they have to leave the country. Only if they do not attend their duty to do so, we operate with enforcement measures.”). Together with PRO ASYL we published another press release in June. Deporting at all costs as it is practiced in Saxony was criticized here. Since we rearranged our website, those press releases are only available in bad quality. We kindly ask to excuse that circumstance. Available here.

September 14th 16: The Double Standard of the Free State of Saxony

The state government reacted fiercely to a flyer that was published by us with information against deportation. We took the chance to problematize Saxon deportation practice again. By showing three single cases we tried to expose the double standard of the Free State of Saxony. We published the release at September 14th 2016. Available here.

September 21st 16: Deportation to Medical Nowhere

In September, people we accompanied and whose cases are presented in this dossier, were deported to Kosovo. We pointed at the bad medical supply situation in the country that had been labeled as “Safe Country of Origin”. Here, we reported on the family father Shakir already. With his file we can prove that the Minister of the Interior made false statements in an answer to a minor request of the Member of Parliament Juliane Nagel (check here, Answer to Minor Request from October 16th). Press release available here.

November 21st 16: Violated Human Rights and Where to Find Them

The false statements of the Minister of the Interior as outlined above were problematized here. We also dealt with the intransparency of “Blackbox Deportation”.

November 23rd 16: Appeal to the Members of Parliament on the Occassion of the Law for the Enforcement of Custody for the Purpose of Deportation

In a press release that accompanied our appeal we called upon the representatives of state parliament not to agree to the Law for the Enforcement of Custody for the Purpose of Deportation. The Appeal is to be found here, our critique on it and on detention for the purpose of deportation is summarized here.

February 15th 17: Right to Move and Right to Stay instead of Relentless Hardness

This press release accompanied the publication of this dossier. Available here.

March 14th 17: Separation of Families reaches New Level

On the day of the publication, Saxon Refugee Council already knew of two separated families in 2017. Particularily shocking: the separation of one of the families was deliberately planned by the enforcement agencies. The mother of the family was prohibited from deporting. Nevertheless, her husband and kids were deported. Put under pressure to such an extent, she decided to follow her family to the Kosovo “voluntarily”. Available here.

May 5th 17: Enabling a Safe Residence Permit for Refugees in Vocational Training!

Us and other state refugee councils criticized that the Duldung for the purpose of vocational training fails in its very core already. Since it is a Duldung, deportation is only suspended. Concrete problems result out of that in practice. Our demand: a residence permit for refugees in vocational training. Press release here.

May 11th 17: Saxon Foreigners‘ Departments ignore Supreme Court

Even though the Supreme Court unambiguously ruled in 2003 already that the Duldung needs to be issued, the state government thinks that one needs reasons for a Duldung. Consequences for the people affected appear on the labor and housing market. It is not finally clarified if that practice causes problems when it comes to the recognition of residence permits. Press release here.

June 20th 17: On the Occasion of World Refugee Day: Defenselessness by Law

Ever more human rights violations undermine the right to asylum. Keeping people from arriving and deporting those who have already arrived as quick as possible – those are the political objectives. They ignore all the friendships and the solidarity which developed ever after the summer of the so-called “”Willkommenskultur”. Link here.

June 23rd 17: Again the Ministry of the Interior plays dirty games

Ever since March 2017 it was known that family separations are enforced. Only, they are documented statistically. Hence, they do not appear in the replies of the state government to minor requests – in contrast to spontaneously conducted family separations. We think that this explanation runs contrary to every logic. We demand those numbers to be corrected and an end to that inhumane practice.
The press release here.

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