Offener Brief Geflüchteter aus der Aufnahmeeinrichtung Schneeberg

To: Management departement in Camp (Schneeberg)

Dear Sir,
with due of our respect, we are the refugees in Schneeberg expressing our feeling and suffering towards many issues as the following:

1.) Food and restaurant issues:

  • The quality and quantity of food is very poor, where we can see just breads on all meals without vegetables or fruits and it is not sufficient for one person.
  • As rules in Germany, social distancing many people in crowded places as restaurant must be 2m between one person and anothers but here in Schneeberg is not applicable, because of huge amount of people here and the restaurant is not enough place for all there people
  • Time of meals – It is not logic one hour is enough for more than 500 persons to eat together in one here!!!!

2.) Toilets and showers: In every floor there are 6 toilets and 6 showers for minimum 80 persons. No any shower has a privacy. There is no covers for showers and no baskets and hygiene kits in toilets specially in that sensitive time (Corona time)

3.) All of us know, we are humans and living under very bad situation in Schneeberg. We need some entertainment activities at least within camp to let people learn and get german course online instead of wasting time and getting stress and depression and that will lead to unexspected causes such as many people they came in a good health and now they have mental and physical problems

4.) Transfer issues: All of us under the German law, we totally understand the sensitive time now, however, most of people they are suffering here  since more than 6 months and 1 year. Just we need to give us a chance to live our live freely and safely. We wish from you to contact the authorizes organisation to feel with us and speed up our procedures and measurements and we will be thankful to you.

Best regards,

Refugees in Schneeberg

Der Brief liegt dem SFR vor. Er wurde von etwa 150 Menschen aus Schneeberg unterschrieben.

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